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RandomBots - Randomized bot profiles every match!

Custom scripts
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RandomBots - Randomized bot profiles every match!

Post by KliPeH » Sat Jun 18, 2022 10:07 pm


What is this?
Ever look at the bots on the title screen and wonder why yours aren't just as random and unique? Wonder no more! This script allows you to play with randomly generated AI profiles every game utilizing the same code that generates AI for the main menu. It also allows you to play with more than 8 fighters per lobby, as bots no longer take up lobby slots but are instead spawned with a single-time-use command.

The script automatically ends games if only bots are the only players left alive, which is functionality that can be found separately here (and toggled on or off). There are custom commands that need to be used in order to utilize the script effectively. These commands can be found in the next section. The script retains settings set by the user between game sessions; set your preferences once and never have to toy with it again.
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  How to use this?  
  1. Close the game if it is still open.
  2. Download the script, then place the text file inside the following directory:
    C: \ Users \ YOURNAME \ Documents \ Superfighters Deluxe \ Scripts \ Custom
    (You can also Subscribe to the script on the Workshop to avoid doing this.)
  3. Launch the game and select the 'Host Game' menu option.
  4. Toggle the RandomBots script 'On' from the 'Show Advanced Options' menu if you want to enable it before going in-game. Alternatively, already in-game, write "/startscript RandomBots" into the chatbox, then press Enter.
  5. Use any of the following commands to interact with the script (does nothing by default);
Inside the lobby, or while in-game, write this command into chat:
/rb sb <Team> <Difficulty-Amount>

The <Team> argument decides the bots' placement in each team (0-Independent, 1-Blue, 2-Red, 3-Green, 4-Yellow), the <Difficulty> argument decides the difficulty of the AI (Easy, Normal, Hard or Expert), the <Amount> decides the amount of bots to spawn which is limited to the amount of SpawnPlayer markers per map. It is not recommended to spawn more than 40 bots on any given SFD map, either vanilla or custom.

e.g: /rb sb 0 expert-3 hard-1
This will set three Expert and one Hard bot to fight independently.

Thanks for downloading, as always, all constructive feedback welcome!
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