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Legacy-Deluxe Weapon Pack (v1.3)

Custom textures and sounds
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Legacy-Deluxe Weapon Pack (v1.3)

Post by Proxmin-O » Wed Mar 10, 2021 4:07 am


A weapon texture pack that fits the art style of the game.


Alternatively a "Legacy" version of it which represents the beta version (kinda) of weapons in Superfighters Deluxe.


Also the alternatives (replacements) of Assault and SMG are included.


See "Readme" inside the zipped file for more info.

Have a nice day.

Heres a link to the Site: ... 5-1-0-5193
Direct Link:


v1.0 - First Release.

v1.1 - Polished a bit.

v1.2 - Polished some Pistols.

v1.3 - Major Update.

- Changed all Deluxe "Palettes" (by "entering" color values from ItemColors.sfdx).

- Tweaked some Weapon's shadow and "accessories" (Both Deluxe and Legacy)
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Post by Odex64 » Wed Mar 10, 2021 8:25 am

Nice, I miss those texture packs.. glad some people keep making them!
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