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Muzzle Flash?

Custom textures and sounds
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Muzzle Flash?

Post by Tuesday » Mon Apr 27, 2020 5:17 am

So I made an SMG skin that has a short barrel, but the muzzle flash is still a mile in front of where the barrel ends. Is that a texture I can change? If so, is that specific to firearm like the bullets?
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Post by KliPeH » Mon Apr 27, 2020 9:26 am

Just like in the case of firearms and projectiles, you can't choose where the sprites are placed - the spot where they spawn is hardcoded. You can make an illusion of them moving by modifying the texture on the image editor sprite sheet instead. Actually moving it in paint.NET or creating a larger sheet to begin with should work. That's what I did with my magazine and projectile sprites in my HiLite weapon pack.

For example, if your new weapon texture suddenly doesn't fit in the fighter's arms anymore, or isn't aligned with the muzzle flash or the magazine dropping upon reloading, move it around your image editor one pixel at a time until you fit it properly, which in itself can be your solution - simply move the texture or make it slightly longer.

To be more direct with answering your question, you cannot edit the muzzle flash itself. If you want to try converting the .XNB textures to readable image files using some tool (my tool won't work) you can find the sprites here:

Superfighters Deluxe \ Content \ Data \ Images \ Effects
| MuzzleFlashAssaultRifle.xnb
| MuzzleFlashBazooka.xnb
| MuzzleFlashL.xnb
| MuzzleFlashM.xnb
| MuzzleFlashS.xnb
| MuzzleFlashShotgun.xnb

Hope this helped.
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