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Bouncy Ball Project

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Bouncy Ball Project

Post by Katrtlen » Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:45 pm

I always wondered if someone have ever tried to make a bouncy object in Superfighters Deluxe without using scripts but markers with eventual bug abusing. No matter how the mechanism works, just to make an object bounce from physical tiles.
Original SF players knows about Beach Ball which might appear from destroyed crate. Since long time I had a huge desire to make a ball in SFD, the desire never vanished from my head so yesterday and today i was messing with editor to create a ball which is bouncy...

Guess what, after many tries i have made a one! It has buggy movement, requires a lot of tiles and it's not what i really wanted but it works. I was hoping for a small and light ball which after touching eg. floor will bounce instantly. I was going into direction of creating this kind of ball, but sadly I failed.

The ball I have made is big, precisely 24x24 size which are three grid (8) spaces. Pretty heavy, can destroy objects and smash a player when falling directly on it. It is a bit slimy, and i mean the way it collides and bounces, something like a slime blob. Can bounce from any direction, but as i said the movement is buggy so sometimes it can behave weird when it lies on ground in form of spinning or slight dashing. Because of such mechanism, ball for some reason doesn't collide with other balls but they are going through each other. As I tested, they aren't lagging the game even though one ball is made of +40 tiles and markers. Also because of slimy movement, spinning direction and velocity of it affects bounce direction.

Enough of talking, here's the link for template map so you can check the ball and use it for maps if you like it: ... sp=sharing

One more thing, i feel like there can be a better ball. If you already made something or if you want to, you can make your own ball with different mechanism or improve this one and send it here! :idea:
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Post by JakSparro98 » Wed Oct 24, 2018 2:31 pm

Katrtlen wrote:
Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:45 pm
[..]Since long time I had a huge desire to make a ball in SFD[..]
I know it's not Christmas yet but I want to make you a gift anyway, it doesn't uses markers and such but a simple configurable script (I hope you will forgive me for that :D) for making any tile to bounce
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You only need to know very basics commands setup to make every tile you want it to bounce

Code: Select all

//initializing the bouncing object
BounceTile BT =new BounceTile(Game.GetSingleObjectByCustomID("A"));

//setting a custom bounce factor (default is based on object's mass)

//adding the object to the update loop

//more examples of different objects applying the bouncing property with default bounce factor
BounceTile.AddBounceTile(new BounceTile(Game.GetSingleObjectByCustomID("B")));
BounceTile.AddBounceTile(new BounceTile(Game.GetSingleObjectByCustomID("C")));
BounceTile.AddBounceTile(new BounceTile(Game.GetSingleObjectByCustomID("D")));
BounceTile.AddBounceTile(new BounceTile(Game.GetSingleObjectByCustomID("E")));

//starting the update loop
If it's not clear enough feel free to make me know.
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