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Is it possible to toggle the Red Flashing off?

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Is it possible to toggle the Red Flashing off?

Post by Mighty Spirit the 2 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 4:13 pm

Hi, so i was wondering if it was possible to somehow get rid of the nasty and annoying red flashing which happens not only to players, but also to objects when taking damage? I know it has been a part of the game for a long time, and i thought that maybe i could get used to it. However, it still is really annoying when your on fire, and at the same time doing a melee fight, when that happens you can't really see if your opponent is going to do a attack or block. Another point is that my Laptop is overheating ever since the Steam version of Superfighters Deluxe. I think my pc's CPU is working too hard to display all the constant flashing, especially with all the chaotic things happening, it basically guarantees that there is at least 1 red flashing on the map at all times. Not even setting to lowest effect changes this.
I did not find anything i could tweak in the config.ini file, is there any way to switch this off?

I hope this is not too much to ask for, now that you (Devs) have decided to partially take a break from SFD, but I would really like to see an easily accessible option for toggling this on and off, before support is ended completely.
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