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[BUG] Certain items get stuck in multiple types of blocks/tiles

Here you can find all verified bugs in SFD.
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[BUG] Certain items get stuck in multiple types of blocks/tiles

Post by Powerbombs » Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:58 am

Bug difficulty: EASY

*EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THE DEVELOPERS: Although it is not possible to obtain a weapon in this cell without commands, which would mean I would have to cheat in order for this bug to work, this bug can affect players if map creators in the future choose to use the cell bars in their maps.


1. Give yourself one or more of the following items, and choose more if you want to see all of them being stuck: Tommygun, Katana, Carbine, Cue Stick, Assault Rifle, MP50, Flamethrower, Baseball Bat, Baton, or Shock Baton
2. Put it in throw mode
3. Go up to the cell bars
4. Throw the item


1. This bug has not worked with ANY other items but the ones mentioned above
2. This bug can lead to unretrievable items (like the Cue Stick)
3. This bug can also happen on the map Teahouse in a specific location, which I can prove from this (notice how the Katana phases through the wall
4. This bug can also happen in many different places on many different maps

*NOTE: If you look closely, the Sniper Rifle appears to have gone into the next room on the other side of the cell, which has only happened to me twice (including in the one in GIF), which must be very rare or just very hard to time correctly for it to go to the other side. Nonetheless, this glitch could prove to be a big issue if you accidentally throw a weapon through the wall during a fight or something and it somehow goes on the other side.*

This bug can also lead to an unretrievable Flamethrower if you throw the Cue Stick first:
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Post by Gurt » Mon Sep 03, 2018 6:39 pm

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