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User @mentions are now a thing!

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User @mentions are now a thing!

Post by KliPeH » Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:50 pm

We're very happy to announce that as of today mentions are an official part of our forum!
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A mention is a call-out of sorts that allows you to ping forum members without having to quote them and without them needing to post in a thread on their own. Mentions can be used for many reasons, whether it's to poke fun at other members, to ask for their input on a certain subject, or to give them credit for work they did. All that's required of you to do is to type an 'at' symbol (@) into the textbox, write the first few letters of a person's nickname and then choose it from the list in the drop-down window.

Submitting a post that contains mentions will notify all the members included in it. The notification looks like this:
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Now instead of simply writing "KliPeH", a mention of me would look like "@KliPeH".

Important Note: The mention is automatically bolded and colored in red, but regular formatting can still apply to it and overwrite it. Format tags (italic, underline, size, highlight tags etc.) cannot be written inside the mention tags, otherwise the mentions will not work and will not actually notify anyone. Make sure your format tags wrap the mention tags, and not the other way around.

Working mention:

Code: Select all

[i] [u] [mention] KliPeH [/mention] [/u] [/i]
Broken mention:

Code: Select all

[mention] [i] [u] KliPeH [/u] [/i] [/mention]
Color-code tags unfortunately won't be able to overwrite the default red coloring of the mention but other tags will. Here are a few examples of working mentions formatted to look a bit differently:
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Here are some exemplary uses of the system:
Have you heard the new SFD soundtrack? It was made by @Splinter.
I hear the final version will contain many more custom-made tracks but I've yet to hear any. How's that coming along, by the way?
@TheOriginalCj and I are looking to play SFD with other people on the weekends but nobody's joining our server. More info down below.
The solution @Gurt offered hasn't worked for me and I have been unable to play the game ever since I created the thread.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
P.S. Huge thanks to @JakSparro98 who helped me figure out how to fix script XYZ.
id say the only person moderating the forum worse than @KliPeH is @Lunatic
There's still some tinkering to do with the system, such as checking whether we can make color tags overwrite the default red color of the mention or whether we can make it automatically link users' profiles upon mentioning them, but seeing as this extension doesn't have any control panel settings it's not likely we'll progress much in that regard. This is the extension we're using, if you have any experience with it, any ideas on how to use it better or suggestions about upgrading it please let us know!
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Post by kazy » Sat Sep 01, 2018 4:00 pm

Now we just need an @everyone lmao
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Gurt wrote:I think I have always seen someone comment about how bad each and every update is. :D

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