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Ideas: Alpha ? Beta ? Improve the launcher; The chat

Give us your input on how we may improve the game in future versions.
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Ideas: Alpha ? Beta ? Improve the launcher; The chat

Post by Yopa » Mon May 23, 2016 1:16 pm

Hi all :D

I suggest that when the alpha game of fate allowed the previous version, for players who can not pay but it will be less well that alpha. Alpha players can play in beta if they wish for maybe play with his friend or because there are not servers open.

A another idea; if devs would from the beginning open system such as paypal they would earn lots of money and maybe that the game can be again free. But it is still possible if all players give money for other players who can't pay can playing the game.
Pub on the game and forum it would be possible.

The launcher ! Yes this launcher is very very old, it would be time to change it by making it more beautiful, make it bigger. Put links that send players on the forum, the official website or the unofficial SFDmaps. The launcher would be nice to make it more beautiful when the account system will be available because I believe that we will have to connect from the launcher.

Making smaller chat because it is a bit bulky. Sometimes the player can't see his fighter because there are a big sentence who hide all the room
Put a cat to the home, so that players can talk, to say for example:
Bob: I open a server
Joe: I join your server
Molo: I can not open a server help me
Joe: Go on the forum ....
Bob: Uh, no; I gone into the Jean-Kevin server, join me Joe
It will facilitate the way to meet

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