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Disable noise for color picking

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Title: Playing SFD is cool 7u7
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Disable noise for color picking

Post by Hamurlik » Tue Sep 24, 2019 9:08 pm

so, if someone wanna make pixel art with colors like in sfd, maybe get colors to chaticon.xnb because it's white when you using xnb to png, there is a lot of uses, but the only way to color picking from sfd right now is possible only in map editor, and not in viewport, in different menus, for example, bot profile info menu, you should fix that, place in settings button "Noise" to off or on, or even better, do like from 0% to 100% to make noise big or small for different people.

Was edited cuz I forgot to add where it should be shown.

thx 4 reading ;)
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