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Second Player Joining & Leaving In-Game

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Second Player Joining & Leaving In-Game

Post by hyper copter » Thu Jan 24, 2019 4:39 pm

Having to leave the game, choosing/removing a fighter then joining again? It's almost comparable to waiting these 5 seconds to skip an advertisement on Youtube. And if you and whoever you want to play with are unlucky enough, The server might get full while you are doing it. My idea is that you should be able to make your second player join by choosing an empty slot, then a pop-up mini-menu similar to the host's slot menu should appear. With one option, Second Player. When you choose this option, The fighter selection menu (The same one as the main menu.) appears. Then you just simply choose a fighter of the 9 you've already made. Then when done with the second player, Simply choose his/her slot; A mini-menu appears but this time with the option, Remove Second Player. Or just Remove so it doesn't take too much space.
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