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Bot Control Markers for upcoming new CPUs.

Give us your input on how we may improve the game in future versions.
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Bot Control Markers for upcoming new CPUs.

Post by Katrtlen » Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:45 am

I know that there is still a bit of time before SFD will be released on steam with CPU AI, yet I think that developers haven't thought about adding such feature for your maps and even if, I would like to share how i would like to see this.

New markers:

BotControl - With this marker you can make a movement and action path for CPUs. In other words, CPU will walk into places and shoot, grab, jump, etc. where you wanted. Here goes options for this marker:
Object ID
Target player: Select CPU you want to be controlled.
Target path: The start of CPU's path. Select first BotControlPath marker.
Loop: If you want CPU to endlessly move by moving to first BotControlPath after finishing whole path. False / True.
Activate on Startup: If you want CPU to move by path in startup. Otherwise you have to activate this marker with BotControlValueTrigger. True / False.
Enable Actions: If you want CPU to perform actions from BotControlAction. True / False.
(Additional) Track Type: The way CPU moves into BotControlPath markers. Shortest / Random. Random will make bot travel into BotControlPath in a random path. This means CPU will decide whether to move eg. through floating platforms or going under tunnel to reach path marker.

BotControlPath - Marker working as movement path for your CPU. After you place this marker on map, CPU will automatically move to location of this marker in shortest way (or random way).
Object ID
Object Type: Static or Dynamic. Yes, this can be dynamic.
Target Path: Next BotControlPath CPU will move into after reaching this one.
Delay: Time in miliseconds CPU will wait before moving into next path.
Activate Triggers: Which triggers will be activated after CPU will reach this path.
Stay: False / True. If CPU should stay in this path until BotControlValueTrigger will order to move further (skip option). Can be used in situation eg. you welded player with BotControlPath so CPU chases it.

BotControlAction - Marker working as spot where CPU will do something when touching it in it's path.
Object ID
Object Type: Static or Dynamic. This can also be dynamic!
Action: What CPU should do. Jump / Roll / Sprint / No Sprint / Walk / Grab Ledge and Release / Grab Ledge and Jump / Punch / Kick / Block / Select Slot 1-5 / Grab / Grab Corpse / Fall (CPU collapses, when used on ledges then CPU will fall) / etc.
Action Time: Time in miliseconds of how long CPU will perform certain actions.

BotControlValueTrigger - Trigger which allows you to modificate some values and CPU controlling in general. You can change BotControl options and one option made for BotControlPath (skip).
Object ID
Target: Which BotControl's values you want to modify.
Active on Startup
Enable Actions
Track Type
Skip: False / True. If set to true, CPU will skip current target BotControlPath and move to next one. Mostly used for stopping CPU from moving into BotControlPath markers with stay option as true.

It's countless how you could use those markers in your maps, in simple or creative ways. Developers, please think once or twice about adding this, in my opinion it will make SFD steam release even more spectacular.
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Post by RickAvory » Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:26 am

This sounds great for map creators. I am not that experienced with map making however this can be very useful for cutscenes even, similar to how in the beta there is a particular cutscene where the bot performs a punching action. This can be more easily achieve with more nodes like this.
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Post by Yigrido » Sat Oct 13, 2018 5:39 pm

Or it could just be an extension of the PlayerCommand trigger.
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