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Fast block

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Fast block

Post by Aukaiakoi » Sun May 27, 2018 7:52 am

Hello, in this topic I will talk about the fast block in SFD. Well we all know that in SFD you can not block when the player blocks (to a block if it is possible to block when he blocks only that the chances are not very satisfactory...) and in the fight of reflexes when someone evade attack of the opponent he attacks but the other defends himself against that attack and attacks again (For example, it would be in Kung Fu), in SFD you can not do the same and it would be more efficient in the fight that can be blocked fast, in a version of SFD you could only block in that way only with pipe, hammer, baton and machete, but now in all forms of attack either with hands, which can be blocked quickly, I think that they do not like to block fast would not be good because the player could do spam but to evade that spam you just have to block and block and enter a point where you see the enemy block and you can attack him in the moment when the enemy's attack is stopped by your attack. Greetings

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