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Advanced HP Status/Damage Pop-ups Option?

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Advanced HP Status/Damage Pop-ups Option?

Post by DreTheGamer » Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:12 pm

Man, it's been a while since I've done this sort of thing. I remember when I first posted on the old forums like a dumb-dumb and got shit on in the aftermath for not following the rules. Anyways, this game has come a long way and I'm that many of you would probably make this some sort of script, if not, already has. But I figured that the devs of this game could make this some sort of Advanced Option in the settings and would be quite helpful if not satisfying to those who'd use it.

Now, you know how most games of some kind in the action/fighting category shows how much damage you deal to a player with an inanimate object/gun? I thought that this would be a pretty neat add-on into the game as someone who's really into the fight would love to see how much damage they've dealt to a particular player with a weapon of any kind. You could even make it so that the more damage they deal to someone, the popup becomes red, orange, green, yellow, etc (the colors could also represent how little or how much of an impact your hit/bullet was to them). I'm sure that someone could convert this into some sort of script but I figured that I could give the people of the forums a little insight on where I'm coming from. Also, the popup damage could fade into thin air after a few seconds instead of just popping above their head like some sort of Microsoft Paint png.

As for the status of your HP, it could start at 100.0 or whatever. As you take bruises and scars from the battle, you can see your health depleting more and more until badda bing badda boom, ur ded. It doesn't have to get all mathematical but this would be sorta kinda helpful to those who'd like to see how close they were to death or you know, just flaunt to the rest of those in the server.

Anyways I hope that you've all enjoyed my little idea on things. Maybe you could leave some feedback and we can talk about it?
Cya all later.
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