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Giant swing

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Tom Th3 Assasin
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Giant swing

Post by Tom Th3 Assasin » Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:28 pm

Ever wanted to beat a 2v1 or 3v1 melee situation in a fair way?all you did was tried to run or spam,but eventually failed.But this suggestion could really beat that situation.

I can say this would be tough looking and sfd themed move so far anyone has suggested. Yes of course this would only execute while grabbing.All of that excuse's people made for grab's are only in their own perspectives.well on the other side i am pretty fine with that feature and even want to elevate it.
The grabbed victim is lifted in the air by the Grabber,Swing's him continuously in circular direction,Hitting and tossing away if any other opponents gets in the swinged-victims body-area(though i don't know whats the mathematically size,inch height of superfighter is).

The odds Here are pretty balanced,The swinging-victim wont lose any hp,but regarding others getting in the swing would get pretty high damage as well as a knock back to a small distance and at the same time that knock back would be unblockable.
The swinger would lose stamina at constantly to its end,when the swinger runs out from it,he tosses the grabbed victim to very short distance with a lower velocity then victim might lose a bit of hp.And on before hand the swinger kneels for a few seconds and regain back the stamina.

here's a small example.
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Post by mgtr14 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:00 pm

Why do people just barely acknowledge the other perspectives, and then completely dismiss it and go on with their one sided arguments?
Also, this will make grabs even more powerful.
Right now, it's easy to land a grab. You may say that you need to read your opponents' block, but that's bullshit.
Take this logic, and say it to the punch, and block. When you punch, you predict that your opponent will try to grab or jump away.(Or maybe even after your opponent tried to block)
When you block, you expect your opponent to punch, so you can counter attack.
When you grab, you expect your opponent to block, so you can, well, deal way too much damage.
The reason I dislike the grab, is that it's just a "normal" move in the melee system, altough obviously being powerful enough to be it's own move and hugely out of place with it's abilities. And it already is both of them.
A punch/swing just hits your opponent, the only time it will do more is if you land an uppercut/downward swing(Takes time, though), or when your opponent is mid air.
A block just blocks incoming punches/swings, and gives you a huge chance to hit back right away.
A grab, completely disables your opponent, and you can power punch him for 18 damage + potential fall damage. Or just throw him around, and throwing is only used to throw him somewhere that down or kills you.
I hope you see why it's so powerful, it was just shoehorned into this small melee system, treated like just another normal move, yet it's way more powerful than people even want to admit, just because they can't melee otherwise.

If this will increase throwing distance, here's what I think:
There are usually alot of spots where throwing can outright kill your opponent or deal more damage than a punch, also take the "bounce" into account(Your opponent will bounce when landing for the first time, adding just a little distance to it).
In an already powerful move, forced into a melee system like this, you wanna make it more powerful? Throws are already very deadly, and you wanna upgrade it?

If it won't increase throwing distance:
It wouldn't even make it useful against multiple opponents. What about the windup? I would rather just throw the enemy right away and run. I bet that there are alot of better ideas we could implement against team melee. Even if you kept swinging the body around, you would eventually run out of stamina, and your opponents can just wait for you to run out of stamina and THEN attack.

So taking that into account, you're basically wasting stamina, and doing jackshit for damage, and making it easier to kill you.
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Shut up bitch!!

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Post by MOOADAM » Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:20 pm

YO MY DUD TOM TH3 ASSASSIN that is a really good idea i think the victim being swings should only lose hp when they hit someone while swinging and when they land after the swing is completed, i agree with you about how the grab is really only from prospective, i don't think it needs to be nerfed at that much, both the grab punch and throw considering if timed right u can cancel a persons grab via punching. But i end up being 3v1/2v1 often and usually get rekt so this swing idea is good.
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