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Reworking the "moving corpses" mechanic

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:38 pm
by Banisher
So. lately I've felt as if the "hold up corpse" mechanic was quite clumsy and limited. The following is my solution to such problem.

When you pick up a corpse, the player throws him over his shoulder. This will allow the player to walk and run as fast as the other characters, jump with the corpse, climb ladders with it, and do anything that a normal person could do.

To utilize the corpse, the player can hold the 'D' button, to hold the corpse in front of him. This will shield him from any bullets and melee attacks. But, fire will make the corpse charred and will burn the player if he's shielding with the corpse in front of him, and the corpse can't fully shield players from explosives. The corpse only blocks 50% of the damage. The corpse has as many hit points as a player. Once it is damaged enough, it will explode into tiny pieces of meat.

Another way to utilize the corpse, is to just casually throw the corpse at other players using the button 'A'. The corpse will knock down the other player, and will do as much 10 damage.

In the end, my rework will allow players to assume their regular mobility whilst holding the corpse, use the corpse as an INCREDIBLY effective shield, and simply makes throwing the corpse a better option than as of now.

Now you may be wondering, why I'd like this. I am proposing this, because as of now, there's now strategic tactic that involves picking up corpses. In fact, picking up a corpse is usually used as a motion of mockery.

Thus, concluding my brief suggestion.

Re: Reworking the "moving corpses" mechanic

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:06 pm
by Del Poncho
Now that you mention it,I would like the idea to have a bit more mobility while transporting corpses.
Since it's a 2D game,even a table is enough to block your movement,so this would actually be quite useful.

Also,this would give us another way to aproach gun-wielding foes.

Re: Reworking the "moving corpses" mechanic

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:03 am
by Lunatic
Also, when blocking, allow the player to crouch. Either they can shuffle slowly forward and be exposed at their feet or they can crouch in place and be safe from the direction they block. This will make corpses better shields with a tactical decision from the defender vs the shooter's question of "put away gun and melee/run away/unload into body to weaken it/other strange thing" etc. Being able to transport bodies more easily would be a great thing for the game.

Re: Reworking the "moving corpses" mechanic

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:11 am
by Del Poncho
This could be applied to other kinds of shields too. I always felt they belonged to the game.

Re: Reworking the "moving corpses" mechanic

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:56 am
by Billy
I say leave Mechanic as they are, but add more mobility to it.

Useful shields

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:58 pm
by hyper copter
 ! Message from: KliPeH
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I think i saw a topic talking about that but this one is not the same... Some players thinks that grabbing corpses is providing a shield while it's actually not... Why not make corpses an actual shield, I mean take a look at dead to rights.. You can grab someone and turn him into a shield until he gibs.. why not get that to sfd? You can grab a corpse and turn it into a useful shield that u can shoot while handling it and also throw grenades and there will be a shield bar like stamina and health and it will be below the stamina... the shield is not gonna be that powerful, It takes double damage as normal players take that means it EXPIRES faster.

Re: Reworking the "moving corpses" mechanic

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:28 pm
by StarNord
I don't think being able to move around as fast as other players with twice your own weight on you (carrying a corpse) would be very realistic.

And if this were to be implemented, competitive SFD (if not all of SFD) would devolve into a corpse shield simulator where the main focus of the game would shift to finding a corpse and throwing it over your shoulder without any drawbacks and using it whenever anybody pulls a gun on you, which would be quite ridiculous and would easily become the game's point of ridicule

for example:
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I think having corpses as a makeshift shield weapon of sorts would be better, where you can't use anything else but secondaries without getting rid of the corpse and that it lowers your accuracy and speed down to half (or if half is too much, maybe 1/3rd your speed and accuracy?) with the bonus being that you can block bullets from almost all firearms except for the ones you mentioned along with high power firearms like the magnum and sniper.

I like the idea of carrying a corpse over your shoulder, and using it as a shield by pressing the attack button and throwing it by pressing throw and attacking again it'd be better than just limiting it to a background feature that you can interact with and it'd add some diversity to the makeshift weapon category too

Re: Reworking the "moving corpses" mechanic

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:44 pm
by Del Poncho
I didn't think of it as something usable in a lot of situation.
Having cool features like this,that make the game more "holliwoodian" and 80's styled is obviously a pro,but they should have limited uses. A perfect example is how parrying/deflecting bullets works: It's difficult,sometimes it takes a bit of luck,but when it happens you just go "woah". We wouldn't have the same feeling if it was easy to land as a dodge.

Said that,I think that corpses (or other shield-like objects,depending on situations),if ever implemented,should be quite limited in:
-Speed,but not actual moving capacity:You should still be able to move freely. Or maybe not. That would require some tweaking and a lot more theory than this.
-Stamina,using a shield should consume your stamina quite rapidly. Again,tweaks and more theory is needed to reach a good mix (For example,should it consume stamina while standing still too? If so,why?)
-Offense,you should not be able to attack,neither with actual weapons nor with the shield. That would be quite grim,in case of corpses.
-Defense (Again,it may depend if we're talking about corpses or other objects.) In my vision of shields,they should not be able to sustain a lot of damage. Having something that helps you reach the enemy faster and safer would be a boost to gameplay,but it should still be difficult.

I'm thinking of making a good ol' wall of text in the suggestion topic about shields (not only corpses). Would that make sense,if well articulated and with more stats/theory behind it,or is this post already enough?

Re: Reworking the "moving corpses" mechanic

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:52 am
by mgtr14
I think it would be fine if we just got a bit more of mobility while carrying corpses.

To simplify my take on how a corpse shield should work (IMO), I will explain 4 ways to hold a body.

Over your head, how you will hold the body when you're just carrying it.
Over your head and crouched, just crouched and still over your head.
Infront of you, when you hold down D.
Infront and crouched, when you hold down D and crouch.

  • Over head and jogging: Will slowly drain stamina, can only jump high enough to get over objects and desks.
  • Over head and crouching: Won't drain stamina.
  • Infront of you: You will go at walking speed, drains as much stamina as "over head and jogging", you can't jump while holding a body infront of you.
  • Infront of you and crouching: Won't drain stamina.
You won't be able to use ladders, grab ledges, roll and run. And your fighter will also kneel when falling a shorter distance.

  • Over head: Protects you from shots from above.
  • Over head and crouching:Protects you from shots from above.
  • Infront of you:Protects you from shots infront, won't protect feet.
  • Infront of you and crouching: Protects your entire body from shots coming infront.
A grenade won't go past the body, but it won't protect you from explosives that much in general.
Will protect you from a molotov, but the body catch fire and you'll catch fire before it gets charred (4 seconds)?
A body will still ride a bazooka shot.
It will take as many bullets as a body does before it gets gibbed.

Dropping a body

A player will always drop the body if: Shotgun blast, melee swing, or knocked down.(Or pressing G)

Unable too..
A player won't be able to punch or swing or even use a secondary weapon, pick up items, and grab.
(He can still kick, but only if he's holding the corpse over his head, even while crouching.)

With all of that, you can switch between all ways of holding the body pretty quickly, so you can use a body effectively and quickly to get closer to a gunner if you need to.