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Disposal thread

Give us your input on how we may improve the game in future versions.
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Tom Th3 Assasin
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Disposal thread

Post by Tom Th3 Assasin » Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:04 pm

Any post's which may act as offtopic,offensive or any that needs to remove from a specific thread for a reason should move to a disposal thread.

In the disposal thread,the rejected post's must contain the ''warning message'' issued by any respective mod.Those Post's must have a Sub-directory notification of that specific thread where they were taken off.

We came up with this suggestion because those messy-post must remain in the forum section rathar than completely being removed.than we can read the warning why it was move to the disposal thread.and we could keep the post counts as well.
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Post by KliPeH » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:16 am

Tom Th3 Assasin wrote:
Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:04 pm
We came up with this suggestion because those messy-post must remain in the forum section rathar than completely being removed.than we can read the warning why it was move to the disposal thread.and we could keep the post counts as well.
The posts do remain on the forum - visible only to Moderators and Administrators. If we desire post removal due to rule violation we remove the post and issue a warning; not everything has to serve as an example for others. Some posts remain visible for everyone even if a warning was issued, like posts that violate rule #10 or rule #12, or posts for which members got banned. An off-topic post (a meaningful reply that simply doesn't belong where it was posted) either gets deleted or moved to the relevant thread. The person will most likely not be warned because there is no rule to reference to justify the removal. Otherwise, if the post is deemed meaningless (based on context), rule #7 will be referenced in a warning and the post will be removed as per usual.

Don't be concerned about Mod duty because we still see everything and have all the tools we need to continue doing our work in the field. We see all the deleted posts and, in fact, use said deleted posts to refresh memories or cross-reference data with newer posts if and when we need to do so. As for regular forum members (I so happen to know which recent off-topic post was removed without notice and sparked this discussion) this is what I have to say:

The author of a deleted post doesn't get notified of their post getting deleted and, worse yet, they lose access to said post too. This is something I realized was happening as I was gaining experience moderating a forum using the phpBB software and something that was also recently brought to my attention by one of the other Mods. We input a reason for the post's deletion but you can't see it - that's mostly done so we remember why we deleted the post. A person not being notified of something they put up and that got blatantly removed - something they put real time and effort into - is certainly problematic, but at the same time I don't believe it's anything we can solve. I would love to have the board notify people of post deletion and also separately notify them of warnings, but it only does the latter at the moment. Perhaps it's a setting that can be turned on in the control panel or an extension that we can add to the forum software but otherwise that's the way it is going to stay. If you know of a forum extension that can help us with this feel free to link it. Either way, always read the rules carefully and post on-topic to avoid unpleasant surprises when you return.

I don't think a place where we collect "bad" posts is fitting for this site. We're not trying to create a "wall of shame" of rule violations and if we were to make a "disposal thread" it would look like that's exactly what we were trying to achieve. I'd much rather warn the person in private and have them access instant means of contacting me (via a PM) than shame them in front of everybody else. It doesn't make much sense either; are we really creating a topic for posts that originate in various different places on the board and that have nothing to do with one another? Without referencing the point or the topic of the original thread? If so, how long or how in-depth should it be? Sounds like a hassle and mess I wouldn't want to neither moderate nor as much as see on the board to begin with. What about offensive posts? Are we really keeping those as well? Posts posted by duplicate accounts that should have not been on the board in the first place? I don't intend to let any of those stay and a thread where they are collected would seem to quickly become the most toxic place on the entire forum board.

Finally, on the topic of post count. A post count is nothing more than that - a counter counting number of posts on the board. In every forum I was part of members always ascribed certain importance to the collective number of their posts - as if a big number meant they ranked higher than members with a lower number, or as if their post count directly correlated with their posts' quality. In reality a high post count only means one of two things: you've either been a part of the board a bit longer than everyone else, or you've been spamming it like crazy. Neither one of these two things should be viewed as a goal or an achievement. Your post count is not something we ever take into consideration when we moderate your content and neither should you; strive to write better and on point, not more to support a fictitious appearance.
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