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Superfighters Deluxe F.A.Q.

Discuss everything to do with Superfighters Deluxe here that doesn't fit in other Superfighters Deluxe Forums!
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Superfighters Deluxe F.A.Q.

Post by Gurt » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:23 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated 2019-01-28)

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Q: How frequently do you release updates?
A: We're working the next update for Superfighters Deluxe pretty much all the time. We will keep releasing updates as long as we have inspiration to continue working on the game. Keep in mind that we only work on Superfighters Deluxe in our spare time. An update can take a few weeks or several months depending on the amount of content we want to include next.

Q: When will the full game be released?
A: It's available now on Steam (released 30th of November 2018). The game won't be "done" until we stop working on it and we have more ideas we want to realize before we stop working on the game. We have future plans to release the game on other digital distribution platforms.

Q: Is there a local multiplayer mode like in Superfighters?
A: Yes. Up to four players can play sharing the same computer. It's recommended that you use a controller for the second, third and fourth player.

Q: When can we play against AI?
A: You can combat the computer/AI in the released version of the game. We have plans to continue working on the bots and improving them at a later time.

Q: The game doesn't start/load even though the launcher says the game is up-to-date, help!
A: The launcher is not supported anymore and is not needed in the release version of the game. The launcher won't work.

Q: How do I run with administrator privileges then?
A: Before running the game, right-click the game's shortcut, then click Properties and under the Compatibility tab check "Run this program as an administrator".

Q: People can't join my game and/or I can't join other games, why?
A: First of all, people can only see your game in the server browser if you set the Lobby Type to Public. Make sure you have one or more open player slots or no one will be able to join. Also make sure the game allows drop-in unless you want to wait around in the lobby.
If it still doesn't work, the most common reason is that you must set up port-forwarding. By default, Superfighters Deluxe uses port 52233 (can be changed in the settings) to host your game. If you're behind a router (or similar) that supports UPnP you can set "port forwarding" to "automatic" and the game will automatically try to set up port-forwarding for you. We suggest that you search online for how to set up port forwarding and why it's sometimes needed.
See ... f=10&t=122 for a quick guide how to setup port forwarding.
If you just want to play with friends, you can create a private game and use connect-to-IP option.

Q: I can no longer host after an update, why?
A: It can be because you haven't hosted in a while and your local IP has changed compared to what you have setup in your port forwarding. Your router may need to be restarted. As it's a new update the whole "Superfighters Deluxe.exe" file has been updated and Windows or anti-virus programs may see this as an entirely new program and blocking it. Make sure Windows firewall is not blocking the game and any anti-virus programs not blocking the game.

Q: I have very low ping but keeps getting disconnected shortly after joining a game, why?
A: Several users have solved this problem by restarting their router, updating the router's firmware or by replacing their router. It may be that your router can't handle enough packages in time for SFD. It's also common to be disconnected from different games if you're using wifi connection over 2.4 GHz band. Try switching to the 5.0 GHz band.

Q: When I try to host it says the port is already in use, help!
A: This is commonly caused by an old SFD process still running in the background. Open your task manager and terminate any remaining SFD processes you see.

Q: Will there be a Mac version?
A: Right now, we don't know. It's not our focus. SFD is developed using XNA which means that by default it only runs on Windows.

Q: Will there be a console version?
A: Most likely not.

Q: Will there be a browser version?
A: No. The platform we use simply doesn't support that.
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