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SFD Guide Megathread (by Lunatic)

Discuss everything to do with Superfighters Deluxe here that doesn't fit in other Superfighters Deluxe Forums!
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SFD Guide Megathread (by Lunatic)

Post by Scarface » Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:38 pm

Yes, this is a repost from the old forum. Thought this thread would be useful.
Welcome to the SFD Guide Megathread!

This is the place to discuss SFD tips and tricks, as well as talk about the guide itself and ask questions about playing the game. Here are links to the previous parts of the guide:

Part 1: Actions
Part 2: Weapons
Part 3: Environment (Coming soon!)
Part 4: Weapon tips (Coming soon!)
Part 5: Survival (Coming soon!)

I've been meaning to get back to work on this guide, and I have a few hours of spare time now, so I plan to get everything down to create a more informed community! This is more of a placeholder for now, but if you have any questions, concerns, or anything to say about the guides, let's start talking!

Part 1:Actions

Welcome to the Actions part of the guide! This section will cover all/most of the actions you can do as a player. Proper use of all of your moves, a little item luck, and some clever use of tactics should net you victory.

(Updated for the megathread! Made various adjustments throughout this thread.)

By the time you're done reading everything I have to say, I can guarantee you will learn something new.


Everyone needs to know the basics. How you move and interact with the environment is incredibly important!

Stamina: This is a renewable resource that you use for a variety of different things, from movement to attacking. Although most actions will drain stamina, you can use the majority of them while your stamina is empty. Pay attention to your stamina, as running out can quickly mean your death!

Walking: The default key to walk is left alt. There's really no reason to walk unless you'd like to feel badass, or if you want to make a very minor adjustment in your location. Either way, your stamina recovers at the same reduced rate as jogging, while walking.

Jogging: This is your default movement state. Pick a direction with left or right, and off you go. You stop when you run into an obstacle, or an incline too steep for you to simply jog up it. While jogging, you recover stamina at a slower rate, so pay attention to your surroundings and act accordingly: Move to a better spot, or recover stamina as fast as possible?

Sprinting: The default sprint key is left shift, although you can double tap a direction to sprint as well. Sprinting uses up stamina in return for covering distance more quickly, and when you are out of stamina, you are unable to sprint until your stamina refills a little bit. This can be used to catch up to a player or escape a sticky situation. Sprinting is a very important part of the game, and knowing when to do so is crucial.

Jumping: Pressing the up key will make you jump! This is an important movement option, as it allows you to make vertical progress as opposed to horizontal. Jumping consumes a minute amount of stamina, and as long as you are in the air, you won't gain any stamina either. Unlike sprinting, you can continue to jump even when you are out of stamina, although it is generally difficult to run out of stamina by jumping alone.

Crouching: By pressing the down key, your character crouches. This doesn't do much on it's own, although it does have it's uses. Most importantly, this makes the area that your character can be damaged (called a hitbox) shorter, which means that bullets and other forms of danger must be lower in order to hit you.

Rolling: By crouching and moving in a direction, you will roll a short distance. You can also press crouch while walking or jogging in a direction to roll. By rolling, you lower the chance that projectiles will hit you to 1/10 (or 10%), making it a good tool for dodging enemy gunfire. Rolling also puts out a fire. Rolling will not, however, dodge flares, rockets, grenade launchers, explosions, or enemy melee attacks! Make sure to use these appropriately, as there is a cooldown between rolls, and rolling uses stamina.

Diving: Diving is an incredibly important part of SFD. To perform a dive, start sprinting and press the crouch button. Just like a roll, diving gives you a 90% dodge chance against projectiles, allowing you to escape enemy gunfire (or close in on an enemy gunman). By diving off of a high location, you can negate all fall damage on landing. Diving into an enemy player will tackle them, forcing them to stick with you until you land your dive. At the end of your dive, you are forced to roll. Diving will save your life, but use dives smartly! You can't dive if you can't sprint, and diving shares a cooldown with rolling.

Ladders: Ladders can be climbed by holding your up key, which is by default bound to up (also your jump key). While climbing, you are unable to attack or dodge, and your stamina regen rate is cut roughly in half. You slide down a ladder faster than you climb up one. By sliding past someone that is climbing up, you can knock them off the ladder. By pressing attack, kick, or block, you can jump off of the ladder. Jumping off of a ladder can be used to climb more quickly or jump past someone trying to slide you off.

Ledge grab: By jumping to or falling past a ledge, you can grab it and hold onto it. While holding a ledge, you do not regenerate any stamina. By pressing jump, attack, kick, or block, you will jump again. This is useful for climbing up the ledge you grabbed. Ledge grabbing is a very important movement tool, so make sure you get familiar with it.

Taking cover: Once you walk into an object that is roughly chest high, you can press a directional key towards it to take cover. While behind cover and having a gun or throwable equipped, you can aim over the cover to shoot or throw. As long as the cover is as small as a wooden crate or table, you can shoot through the cover at anyone taking cover on the other side.

Attack: The attack button, which is "a" on default, has different functions depending on what you're doing. If you're standing without any weapons in your hands, you'll punch. If you have a melee weapon in your hands, you'll attack with it. If you're holding a gun, you'll shoot it. If you're on a ladder or ledge, you'll jump. If you're holding a grenade or molotov, you'll throw it. This is your primary function for dealing damage and eliminating enemy players.

Kick: The kick button, "s" on default, is used to move the environment or enemy players. You can kick objects to move them or knock them off ledges. When standing on an object, kicking it won't move it as much as standing beside it. When you stand on the same level as an enemy and kick them, they will stumble back slightly, and when you stand at head height and kick a player, you will knock them down. A kick doesn't have as much range as a melee attack, nor does it deal nearly as much damage, so it isn't a very useful tool for straightforward fighting.

Block: By blocking, you can stop an enemy melee attack from damaging you. This includes both kicks and strikes. When you block an attack, your block is instantly lowered the second it is hit, and the cooldown is reset, allowing a counterattack (or an escape). Blocking someone's attack also slows down their response. Blocking an attack that would knock you down makes you stumble backwards instead. When you block gunfire with a weapon equipped, you can deflect or absorb bullets. There is a small window for this to work, however, so it's pretty tough to pull off.

Aiming: Pressing the block button with a gun in your hand will aim instead of blocking. You can press the up and down keys to aim upwards or downwards, and left and right to change which direction you're aiming. Aiming is a vital tool for using guns, as being able to shoot at any angle you please let's you shoot anyone from anywhere, provided they're in your line of sight.

Sheathing your weapon: No matter what you're holding, pressing this button will immediately put it away in your inventory, leaving you with just your fists. The default key is q, use it when someone is trying to hit you with melee and you have a gun out. It's a quick way to initiate melee!

Dropping your weapon: Instead of putting your weapon away and keeping it on your person, you can instead drop the weapon in front of you. The default key is g. This can allow you to share weapons with teammates or put a weapon you want to keep using down to shoot a bunch of ammo out of another weapon. This also allows you to destroy weapons, by dropping your desired weapon, picking up the new weapon, and then replacing it with your old weapon, effectively blocking other players from getting an advantage.

So, those are the basics! These are the fundamentals at the core of the game. These are all of the options and moves at your disposal. However, there's a bit more to talk about when it comes to this game. You can know the basics, but you'll need more to succeed.


Roll cancelling: You can cancel a roll at any time by jumping out of it. This can be used to surprise players, or use the roll's dodge power to move closer to a location before jumping up and out of harm's way. Since a dive forces a roll at the end, you can tackle someone and then jump to a safe place while the enemy is busy getting up.

Jump attacks: By using melee in midair, you can use a jump attack. Attacking in the air forces a crouching animation when you land, unless you land somewhere above where you started your jump from. Jump attacks also knock down opponents when you attack on your way down instead of on the way up. Jump kicks also have the same effect, but they have more horizontal knockback. Try jumpkicking someone off a ledge to deal serious fall damage - or even knock them off the map.

Breaking a fall: Accidentally fall off a high ledge, but don't want to take fall damage? If you have slomo, it might just save your life. Use the slomo, and the instant you're about to touch the ground, input a roll (direction doesn't matter). Instead of landing on your face, you'll roll on impact with the ground and walk away without taking any damage. It's difficult to pull off - timing is key! Incorrect inputs (especially when landing on a ladder) can result in you taking damage but rolling anyways, as well as falling down and then rolling instead of getting up. Even I have a ton of trouble with this one (And it may be a bug).

Ledgesnap: Similarly to breaking a fall, but perhaps you meant to walk off the edge? If you want to drop a far distance quickly, and don't have a good angle for a dive, look for a place to grab a ledge. Then, walk off the edge and grab the ledge you're aiming for as you're falling past. The timing is fairly strict, but a lot easier than breaking a fall - plus you don't need slomo. Remember, press the direction into the ledge you want to grab roughly around the time your chest would be at ledgeheight. This might take some practice, so put on infinite health and go to Hotel. Try to drop from the top of the map and catch yourself on the little middle piece above the bar.

Sprint Hopping: We know that sprinting covers distance quickly at the cost of stamina, but sometimes you want to go even further. If you aren't worried about being shot, and you're moving along a flat stretch of ground, you can nearly double the distance you travel with a full bar of stamina by sprint hopping. Start sprinting, and then hold the jump key to automatically jump when you touch the ground. You don't lose stamina for sprinting unless you touch the ground, and jumping takes up very little stamina. Using this technique, you can catch up to pesky run and gunners, or make a quick escape without fear of not having enough stamina to make it all the way.

Precise aiming: When aiming with a gun, hold the walk key while turning your aim to be more precise. When people aim over cover, they expose their head. If you feel confident, you can try to shoot their exposed head - most easily done by slightly adjusting your aim. This is also an incredibly useful technique when using a sniper rifle or a weapon with a laser sight.

Kickup: By kicking while picking up a weapon, you can remove the draw time. For example, let's say you have a pistol equipped and you want to pick up a magnum. Press the kick button, then the pickup item button while the kick animation is going through. The pistol will be replaced by the magnum, and you won't have to wait for the magnum to draw like you normally would. Keep in mind this keeps you immobile, but happens much faster than drawing the weapon.

Staggered Equip: When you fall from a small distance, you continue moving without problem. When you fall a large distance, you take fall damage. When you fall in that area between, however, you enter a crouch animation similar to the jump attacks. By equipping a weapon right before you hit the ground, you will equip it immediately, making it ready for use the second you stand. As an added bonus, when you perform a jump attack, after a short duration you can equip a weapon while still in the air. It will then instantly equip in the staggered equip fashion. Best used for equipping a melee weapon, but perhaps you need your gun out.

Equip cancelling: After an attack, such as a punch or kick, you can cancel some of the ending frames by drawing a weapon. This isn't super useful, but it can shorten the duration you're frozen in place. In fact, you can cancel an attack at any time by drawing a weapon. Make sure you don't do this before the attack comes out if you want to hit someone.

Walldiving: When you dive into an object or wall, you will cancel your dive and instantly assume a regular stance. When you tackle someone, this allows you to get a couple of free hits in by getting the aerial hit on the drop back to the ground, and then another hit while they're trying to get up. Walldiving also lowers your fire level like rolling would!

All of the above are some special tricks that not everyone knows about. Some of these are rather obscure, while some of them are widely practiced. These are all of the little techniques I can think of that players will use in-game, and most of them are necessary if you want to win.

Part 2:Weapons

In this post, I will simply be listing damage values, what position a gun is fired from (eye level or hip level), ammo amounts for a gun, and damage to cover. I will also post the improvised weapon stats, as well as fire stats.

DPH = Damage Per Hit. This is the amount of damage a weapon deals per each time it damages an enemy.
CRIT = Some weapons deal more damage when they crit. This is that damage value.
CD = Cover Damage. Some weapons deal differing amounts of damage to cover. This is that amount.
HF = Hipfire, which is when you shoot without aiming. I will say either head or hip, indicating that the weapon either fires from eye level of the super fighter or hip level. I will say why this is important later.
Ammo = The ammunition one load holds. You can pump out this much lead before you must reload. If I don't specify anything about spare ammunition, assume it gets reloaded once with one clip for another full load.
PD = Potential Damage. If all of the bullets hit enemy superfighters, this is the total damage that would be dealt by the weapon.

DDP = Durability Damage Player. This is how much damage a melee weapon takes from hitting a player.
DDE = Durability Damage Environment. This is how much damage a melee weapon takes from hitting an object or solid tile.

If a weapon does not have different crit or cover damage, I will not say anything about them on the list. So if a weapon crits, it still deals the same damage as a regular hit if it's not listed as dealing different damage. If I don't list different cover damage, it deals the same DPH to cover as it does players.

All players and weapons start with 100 health. Each value listed decreases that health by the amount listed.

The purpose of this list is to show people what weapons deal what damage values so that they can pick and choose what they will learn is the best weapon for their situation. Remember that just because there is a shiny sniper rifle in front of you, does not mean it will always be your best option.

Let's get down to business.


DPH: 8
HF: Head
AMMO: 12
PD: 192

DPH: 7
HF: Head
AMMO: 12
PD: 168

DPH: 4.5
HF: Head
AMMO: 25
PD: 225

DPH: 4
HF: Head
AMMO: 25
PD: 200

DPH: 18
HF: Head
PD: 336

DPH: 25
CRIT: 35
CD: 50 (Breaks the first crate it hits in one hit, piercing it as well.)
HF: Head
PD: 300 - 420, depending on crits.

DPH: Fire!
HF: Head
AMMO: 1 + 2 spare flares


DPH: 9
HF: Hip
AMMO: 12
PD: 216

DPH: 6
HF: Hip
AMMO: 30
PD: 360

DPH: 7
HF: Hip
AMMO: 25
PD: 350

DPH: 8
CD: 16
HF: Hip
AMMO: 100, no reloading
PD: 800

DPH: 3.7 (Per pellet) x 6 (pellets) = 22.2
CD: 8 (per pellet) x 6 (pellets) = 48
HF: Hip
AMMO: 6 + 6 Separate shells
PD: 266.4

DPH: 3.7 (Per pellet) x 6 (pellets) = 22.2
CD: 8 (per pellet) x 6 (pellets) = 48
HF: Head
AMMO: 2 + 6 Separate shells
PD: 177.6

DPH: 30
CRIT: 45
CD: 60
HF: Hip
PD: 180 - 270

DPH: Fire!
HF: Hip
AMMO: 50, used in 5-ammo bursts

DPH: ~60 on direct hit
CD: 100 on direct hit
HF: Head
AMMO: 1 + 2 more grenades
PD: ~180

DPH: ~50 splash damage point blank
CD: 110 direct hit
HF: Hip
AMMO: 1 + 2 extra rockets
PD: Instant Death


DPH: 70 Point blank
CD: 140
AMMO: 3 Grenades per pickup
PD: 210

DPH: Fire!
AMMO: 3 bottles per pickup

DPH: 70 Point blank
CD: 140
Ammo: 3 Mines per pickup
PD: 210


Here's the rules for fire.

- You can only take damage when you're burning.
- You start to burn (rank 1) once you have been in fire for too long.
- If you as a player burn (rank 1) for too long you will start to burn (rank 2).
- All fire sources deal 8.5 DPS except the flamethrower which deals 17 DPS.
- Burning as a player (rank 1 and 2) is considered as a source of fire and deals 8.5 DPS.
- Burning as a player (rank 2) deals an additional +17 DPS.
- All objects follow the same rules (but objects can't burn rank 2).

The damage is calculated using the strongest damage source of fire per update (hottest source of fire). So standing in an area with fire while someone shoots fire at you with a flamethrower will not stack but only deal 17 DPS. However - if you burn (rank 2) you will take an additional +17 DPS. So burning (rank 2) deals the basic damage of 8.5 (or 17 for flamethrowers) plus an additional 17 DPS.

- Molotovs and flareguns instantly ignite a player to rank 2.
- Starting to burn depends on the source of fire something is in contact with. Some sources set objects and players on fire faster than other sources.
- It roughly takes 1.3 seconds if you stand in fire to start to burn (rank 1).
- It roughly takes 1.3 seconds while burning (rank 1) to start to burn (rank 2).
- You start to burn (rank 1 and 2) x~3.5 times faster if someone else is burning (rank 2) near you.
- You start to burn (rank 1 and 2) x~7.5 times faster if someone shoots fire at you with a flamethrower. That's why it's deadly!
- Landing from a fall/Diving into a wall/Rolling will lower your fire rank by 1 step (rank 2 will be rank 1 and rank 1 will be rank 0).

Thanks to Gurt for this information!
That said, rank 1 of fire deals 8.5 damage per second, and rank 2 of fire deals 25.5 damage per second!


All melee weapons have 100 durability. Hitting an object or the environment will deal 4 durability damage to a weapon. Hitting a player or body will deal 8 durability damage. Hitting someone who blocks the hit deals 4 durability damage to your weapon.

DPH: 3
CD: 5

DPH: 8.5

DPH: 10.5

DPH: 11

DPH: 11.5

DPH: 11.5

DPH: 12.5

DPH: 14

DPH: 15


DPH: 10
DDP: 100%
DDE: 100%

DPH: 14
DDP: 35
DDE: 100

DPH: 18
DDP: 100
DDE: 35

DPH: 9
DDP: 35
DDE: 20

DPH: 17
DDP: 100
DDE: 35

DPH: 9
DDP: 35
DDE: 20

DPH: 22
DDP: 100
DDE: 35

Alright, that wraps up all the weapons in the game. This is the mostly precise list of all weapon damages, with the sketchy values being explosions and such.

*I'd like to thank Gwendalaze for sharing their script that allowed me to pull all this information!
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Stopped working on it because I didn't see much interest, and I became aware that there won't be a strong or real competitive scene. Don't expect any updates.
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