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Title: Failure of memes
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Post by [Failman] » Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:15 am

Hey, guys, I came here to inform all my good friends in the Mac community that there is hope! a few years back I got myself a mac and me being me I tried downloading sfd on mac not being aware that I couldn't run it, now in my defense, it was my first time using a mac and well it sucked! skip a few years of disappointment and disdain towards my 800 dollar mac I googled how to play sfd on mac in some vain hope that the community would find a way and to my surprise I actually found something.
The only problem I found is that it's only in Spanish which means anyone who can't understand Spanish would have a harder time understanding what's going on in the vid, as such I decided to translate and summarize most of it to the best of my abilities, mind you I called myself Failman for a reason.

Ight so before we do anything you need two programs Rar for Mac and Wineskin Winery. Let's get the easy part out of the way, the first thing we do is drag the current build you're using You'll need to download the Rar for lack of an alternative. After making sure you put the folder somewhere easy to locate we move focus on Wineskin which is where the real magic happens.

Here comes the tricky but relatively easy part, we open up the Wineskin and download the application that lets you run windows applications I used The engine WS9Wine2.22 and it works perfectly. you'll then click on create a new blank wrapper, it will ask you to choose a name for your file which can be whatever you like, whether it be "Super Fighter Deluxe" or "Super Salty Bros" is entirely on you but for the sake of this tutorial I'll be dubbing it "Insert Name here".whatever pop-ups appear click cancel until a pop up with view in folder shows up when that happens, drag the file on to your desktop. Next, we right-click on "Insert Name Here" to find File location then click Wineskin there You'll see 4 option install Software, Set screen option, Advance and quit, We're gonna first go into Set screen option and check the box that says "use Mac driver instead of X11". We are now done with Set Screen option and will move on to Advance, in Advance, we go Tools and click WineTricks, we're gonna have to update it first as such we click update Winetrick and click ok then we type "dotnet45", "vcrun2010", "xna40, "directx9" in the search bar exactly as I typed and install the programs listed in dll, it should also be noted that the version used in that video was "dotnet45" not "dotnet452" if it has any significance I'm not aware but I'd discourage testing it.

finally, we drag your current build into the program files which can be found in the driver_c folder open wineskin one more time, go to advance, click and on browse and search for SFD Launcher which should found in your current build which should also be in programs file and wella! everytime you click on "Insert Name Here" you get to play SFD on mac. Jeezus that took to long if it's any consolation I did test everything on beforehand and it works perfectly for me.

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Sorry for any errors(so much FAIL)

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