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Multiple map folders

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Multiple map folders

Post by Gurt » Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:20 pm

In Beta v1.0.1 map rotation will go through all maps in a selected folder.
Official maps are currently separated into versus and survival maps which lies in two different folders.

Community-made maps will have to be placed in a folder or sub-folder(s) in your Downloaded and Custom maps folder. These folders will be selectable when hosting and the game will only rotate the maps in the selected folder (if you have map rotation activated).

To combine multiple folders into one simply place a textfile in your Documents/Superfighters Deluxe/Maps folder (next to Downloaded and Custom folder). In the textfile write the relative path to the folder you want to include. Example:
File: AwsomeMaps.txt

If you want some specific maps only simply copy them to a single folder.
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