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SFD's story theories

Discuss everything to do with Superfighters Deluxe here that doesn't fit in other Superfighters Deluxe Forums!
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SFD's story theories

Post by NTN9 » Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:34 pm

This theories based on some facts, what can have different interpretation (it mean, what I'll abuse "if"), don't have solid foundation (it mean what I'll abuse "I think") and don't pretend on offical and right version of story and can be just offspring of my search for deeper meaning syndrome.
So, let's start from evidence and my interpretation of them, what can be used in theories building:

1)"=Beware!= Dangerous Individuals"
This poster can mean 2 things:
- In the SunnyCity, Country or all Universe of SFD Individual people hunted by goverment
- In the SunnyCity, Country or all Universe of SFD reveal itself some dungerous, maybe terror group and this poster alert citizen about it

2)"Metro Law"
You can find this poster on some offical maps. I think it's publicity of some security firm, the political consignment or just some dull firm. On poster we can see some object, similar at the same time to Drone, Camera or Heli. If can be Heli from SFD official poster, but covered by shadows and with attached searchlight:
In the Heli from poster we can see "Agent" character of original SF:
what can partially confirms, what "Metro Law" is some security firm or the political consignment, what has agent(s).

3)"Suicide Clinic"
In the real world old people have offer to suicide in some countries, but I think random treatment on "Subway" map to every age people (How mad must be world, where "Suicide Clinic" publicity can be finded on the Subway Station).

4)Disturbed timeline.
How you can see, Old Fairground was "30th Annual Sunni City Fair". New Fairground is "76th Annual Sunni City Fair". 40 years of gap! Or devs want to change year of SFD, or the SFD's story will spending in different times. To this supposition can be added High Noon map, what has Wild West style.

I can type theories in "Evidences" part, but it can create confusions, so now it's separate part.

I: SFD is (Retro) dystopia, where Individuals hunted, Cities have Suicide Clinics, and all of this under control of Metro Law
II: SFD's story will spending in different times, but in Sunny City and neighborhood.
III: SFD is movie, based on one of upper theories (it explains some strange moments in game, like Disturbed timeline.)

You can post your own story theories here, or discuss my.
P.S.: I tried to detail this post, but language barrier don't let me do that.
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Title: In vainglory they arose, kinda
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Post by Esper » Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:18 am

SFD theory: **** has become a bad dog and creates a gay man army
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Post by Lunatic » Wed Sep 07, 2016 4:38 am

Alright, so to my knowledge SFD is supposed to capture that feeling of old action movies. Tense fistfights, dangerous shootouts, and strong-willed men that break before they bend. A superfighter is the perfect representation of a man of action, skilled with all forms of blade and bullet, and able to take a lot of punishment without breaking form or losing ability. So there are a couple of ways to look at it:

Sure, this could all be a dystopian world where things are hell, which would be cool! The evidence is there.

But I think this is more of a "Popeye" scenario where the world is different day by day because these are more like movies. At the end of the day, these are all special effects and everyone isn't actually dead. Hopefully we'll learn more through the campaigns!
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Originally posted by Gurt

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Post by mgtr14 » Wed Sep 07, 2016 7:57 am

If you are going to take those posts litteraly, then this makes sense. But the " Beware of dangerous individuals " poster looks like a joke. Just like Sunny City Fair offering no compensation for lost limbs and the happy light in the end of the tunnel being no happy light. Honestly, i can't take that poster seriously if all the criminals look the same or the poster marked out a superfighter that looks just like everyone else. And as lunatic said, this is just supposed to be like a over the top action movie.
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Post by Creeper » Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:11 pm

Im ipressed how interesting this topic is, I red to the end and it was great!
Good work on the "theories".

In my opinion this stuff seems "True". You have detailed everything that well to an understandable fase, For anyone.
"Good Job".

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Post by GreenyShark » Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:42 am

Okay, I think you're on to something.

That "Dangerous Individuals" poster has is most likely a clue.
It has 5 people on it. So does the Official game poster.
Could these dangerous individuals be the people on the Official game poster? Who knows.
Then the "Metro Law" poster could be a poster for a government or Clan. And that could be a helicopter or a camera. Most likely a camera showing that a government is always watching. I say this because there is a security camera in every map. Could this be a sign?

Then there's the fairground sign.
This could mean that 46 years have past. If it's been 46 years, Let's say those 5 dangerous individuals could be alive in those years. Let's say these dangerous individuals are the Superfighters. Maybe it's been 46 years since these Superfighters saved the world or something. Let's say they were 30 during the 30th anniversary Fairground and it's been 46 years so now they're 76.

That brings up the Subway Train tracks sign.

They could be talking about a suicide clinics because maybe 1 one them tried to commit suicide with the train. And then they read the sign and went to a suicidal clinic. Maybe one SuperFighter died in those 46 years. Who knows.

The 5 individuals theory make total sense. If you ever played the original Superfighters, you would know the characters: Johnny, Boris, Agent, Billy,Scott,Mac, Jeff, and the secret character, FunnyMan who is unlocked if you beat the stage mode. The 5 individuals could be Johnny. Boris, Billy, Mac, and Jeff. Agents for the METRO organization could be Agent and Scott. The boss of the Government or Clan could be FunnyMan. Who knows.

Here's something else that's fishy.

In the original SuperFighters, There's a Survival mode. and the bots you fight are all Agents.
This could be some scene where you're trespassing Government or Clan's base, and you're apart of the 5 dangerous individuals So they get all their agents to kill you. Who knows.

Then it comes to my attention that the developers are trying to add campaigns into SuperFighters Deluxe. This entire theory could be the plot of the campaigns. Maybe the 5 individuals were a crew (Let's call them the SuperFighters) and they were rebelling against the government's laws. Then it's been 46 years and the crew gets back together and they need a replacement for the 5th Superfighter in the crew and that 5th superfighter could be 1 person. The Player. Who Knows.

This could all be one big story in campaign mode.
Maybe it is. Maybe I'm crazy.
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Title: Break, Make, Smash, Bash
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Post by Presentionus » Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:28 am

I belive, that when someone drops something or someone off a cliff, it falls in the city. And people wander around trying to find where this body came from. Then once they found it the fighters attack them. Then they have no other choice then to fight for the rest of their life. Soon other fighters will target them and they must be ready. And so, thats how all the fighters began to make calls on Discord/Skype and pick an area where they will fight. And thats how many fighters have made it in the arena.
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Post by KliPeH » Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:18 pm

You're reviving a thread that's been inactive for over half a year. I'm not going to delete your posts because you clearly put thought and effort into them, but try not to do this.
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