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RULE NR 3 UPDATED: Don't hurt, harass or provoke other forum members or people.

Forum rules

Here you can talk about other things not related to Superfighters Deluxe or other games by MythoLogic Interactive.
Forum rules
By using the forum you agree to the following rules.
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Forum rules

Post by admin » Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:08 pm

Posting in any part of the forum will require you to follow these rules.
Breaking any of these rules will get you a warning, which will be recorded, or get your account locked depending on the severity of the post.

1: Do not post any "abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or disturbing" content.
Severity: Post will get removed and you will get permanently banned without warning.

2: Do not post hate speech.
We will not tolerate any form of this. Attacking someone due to race or religion will not be tolerated.
Severity: Post will be removed and you will get permanently banned without warning.

3: Don't hurt, harass or provoke other forum members or people.
Do not post comments whose intent is to hurt, attack, harass or otherwise provoke other forum members or people or comments that can be interpreted as such. This also includes calling players out for in-game behaviour such as hosts kicking you in games, players constantly killing you in games or players behaving badly.
This also extends to linked content and other sites.
Posts that are just meant to harm, and people who engage in that behaviour, have no place in this forum.
Severity: you may get a warning or permanently banned without warning depending on the severity of the post

4: English only.
English is the only language to be used on this forum. As administartors and moderators we need to be able to read and understand what you have posted. Do not post random jumbled english words either.
Severity: Post will be removed and you will get a warning*.

5: No self advertisement/self-promotion.
Do not create a separate topic whose purpose is to promote your own YouTube channel, Twitter account, etc.
However, you are allowed to post links, videos and images related to the current topic.
  • You can post a topic covering maps/mods/scripts you have made for Superfighters Deluxe in the maps forum as long as you want to share your work by providing a working download link/option of some sort. (Topics can be removed if inactive for too long and the download is not working).
  • You can post a topic covering any Superfighters Deluxe Server you host regularly as long as it's clear that it's a SFD Server in the "SFD Custom Servers" forum. You may include any rules/maps/mods/scripts you run on this server as long as you're descriptive. The maps/mods/scripts you run can be private and don't have to be shared (see first point) as it's a part of the SFD Server you run. (Topics can be locked if inactive for too long).
Severity: Post will be removed and you will get a warning*.

6: No public topics about apologizing to someone.
Apologizing topics are annoying for others. Instead send a private message (PM) to the person you want to apologize to.
Severity: You will get a warning*.

7: Do not post pointless, non-constructive responses to topics.
Do not post:
  1. little comments or one worded replies.
  2. comments whose single purpose is to like another post or idea. Instead use the "Like" button.
  3. comments where you don't contribute to the overall discussion or thread.
Examples on short posts you should not post as they break the rule:
  • lol
  • Tada
  • xD/ :D
  • I like/don't like this.
  • Good/bad suggestion.
  • I approve this it will be good.
  • I like what you say.
  • This is good/bad.
If you want to show that you liked a post/comment/idea use the "Like" button instead.
Severity: The post will get removed and you will get a warning*.

8: Do not make compilation topics.
Do not make one topic covering all your ideas, suggestions, bugs you have found etc... This make the forum cluttered to navigate and hard to find specific posts, ideas or content and doesn't make any topic focused which makes it hard to discuss specific ideas, suggestions, bugs etc...
Exception: It's OK to create a compilation topic of all your custom made maps, like "Bob's maps" as they are all maps made by you. You can gather them all in one topic if you wish as maps tend to have a specific style based on the creator.
Severity: You will get a warning*. The topic may be removed, edited or locked as see fit by a moderator.

9: Post descriptive topics.
When making topics, be descriptive and use fitting titles.
As a guideline, use a short descriptive sentence so others can understand what your topic is about by just reading the title. If others need to guess what your topic is about then it's generally a bad topic name.
If you can't fit the description you want in the title then rephrase it to make it shorter or continue it in the first lines of your post as it's visible as a tooltip.
Examples on bad topic names (as they aren't descriptive enough, makes us guess what the topic is about):
  • My idea
  • Car and tiles
  • Weapons
  • New maps
Example on good topic names (gives you a hint what the topic will be about):
  • Will there be a way to defend yourself against multiple opponents?
  • I need help with Port Forwarding.
  • What is "connect to IP"?
Example on good topic names that can be short based on forum category. Example Superfighters Deluxe Ideas and Suggestions:
  • The Shocker
  • Gore and dismemberment
Note that you do not need to post your name in a topic description. We can clearly see who posted the topic in the first place anyway.
Severity: If a moderator feels that the topic needs a slight adjustment he/she might do so without issuing a warning.
Severity: You will get a warning* if the description is off track from the guidelines above.

10: Don't post copies of the same thread.
Do not create multiple topics with the same content in different forums "to cover more ground".
Severity: Copies will be removed and you will get a warning* for each copy found.

11: Don't create a new thread if there already exist a similar thread covering the same topic.
It's no fun for anyone to read the same topics over and over covering the same questions/discussions. Do a quick search before creating a new topic to see if any old topics already covered your specific question or problem that might help you.
Severity: You will get a warning* and your post will get merged with the appropriate topic.
Exception: If your question/problem wasn't solved in any existing topic then make a new topic and LINK to the existing topics you have found but that didn't help you and explain WHY the old topics didn't help you.

12: Do not double post.
If you made a mistake in your post, use the edit function instead.
We have a mod that automatically merges double posts, but it only merges replies made by one user within the same 24 hours.
Severity: You will get a warning*.

13: Do not exaggerate cursing.
We allow cursing in posts, but keep it to a minimum. Do not curse in each and every sentence.
Severity: You will get a warning*.

14: Do not post too much embedded content.
We do not forbid you to post embedded content as long as you follow the rules but keep it to a reasonable level.
Severity: A reply from a moderator telling you to use less embedded content or you will eventually get a warning*.

15: Some forums have a "read before posting" topic. Read it before posting a topic!
Read all "read before posting" topics before posting a topic.
Severity: Breaking any of the additional rules may get you a warning.

16: Do not bump old threads.
Threads that haven't been active for the past 2 months are considered old and bringing them up again is no longer welcome.
-You are allowed to provide an alternative to a suggestion in its old thread if you think the idea could be executed better.
-You are allowed to help fix an old problem or help with a bug if it hasn't been marked as solved already.
-Forum games can be bumped indefinitely.
Severity: Your post will be removed and you will get a warning*.

If you intend to post anything but don't know if it will break the rules - send a PM to a moderator and ask if it's within the rules.
If we as moderators need to go through and discuss the rules for this specific case we will do so in a closed moderator topic and complement the rules when we're done.

*Receiving enough warnings will get you automatically banned for a limited time. The current limit is 4 warnings, which result in a 14-day ban. Warnings are kept for 30 days. Do not create other accounts to bypass existing bans. If this is discovered you can get banned permanently.

If you see any comment breaking any of these rules make sure to use the "report" button next to the comment.
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