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Superfighters Deluxe 1.3.5 is out!

Status updates from MythoLogic Interactive about the game progress.
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Superfighters Deluxe 1.3.5 is out!

Post by Hjarpe » Mon Mar 23, 2020 7:26 pm


* Updated Game.GetObjectsByArea(...) to include a second parameter (PhysicsLayer.Active | PhysicsLayer.Background | PhysicsLayer.All) to be able to get objects from the background Box2D world (where FarBg objects and PathNode objects are).
* Added IObject.GetPhysicsLayer() to be able to read if an object is in the Background or Active Physics layer.
* Added CollisionFilter.AbsorbProjectile and RayCastInput.AbsorbProjectile to be able to filter if projectiles are absorbed on hit or not.
* Added float IObjectWeaponItem.DespawnTime, void IObjectWeaponItem.SetDespawnTime(int despawnTimeMs), bool IObjectWeaponItem.Despawning, IObjectWeaponItem.BreakOnDrop, IObjectWeaponItem.SetBreakOnDrop(bool value) to be able to control how items are despawned (with a few exceptions, see the ScriptAPI documentation for details).
* Added IPlayer.InThrowingMode to be able to see if the player has toggled to throwing mode.
* Added IObjectTimerTrigger.ResetTrigger(), IObjectTimerTrigger.StopTimer(), IObjectTimerTrigger.StartTimer(), IObjectTimerTrigger.IsTimerRunning to be able to stop/start/reset timers through code.
* Added IObjectAlternatingTrigger.ResetTrigger() which restarts the trigger at the first item.
* Added IObjectWeaponItem IPlayer.Disarm(WeaponItemType weaponType, Vector2 velocity) to be able to make players drop any weapon at any time.
* Added IPlayer.DealDamage(float damage) to be able to deal "misc/other" damage according to the built in rules for players in the game.
* Added Events.PlayerWeaponAddedActionCallback, Events.PlayerWeaponRemovedActionCallback to be able to listen when items are added or removed from player equipment (for example when a player grabs items, drops items, or throws items, or when a script removes/adds items etc.). See documentation for more details.
* Added IPlayer.GetWeaponMuzzleInfo(..), IPlayer.GetWeaponLazerInfo(..) to get world position and direction from an equipped weapon to be able to read where projectiles should be spawned if you're creating custom projectiles.
* Added Game.WriteToConsole(param object[] message) and Game.WriteToConsoleF(string format, param object[] args) for some quicker formatting.
* Fixed a NullReferenceException when using Game.CreateObject() in ObjectDamageCallback.
* Fixed a bug where LocalStorage and GlobalStorage wouldn't properly save empty arrays, causing them to be read as an array of length 1.
* Fixed a bug where damage from SawBlades and StreetsweeperBlades would count towards TotalMeleeDamageTaken instead of TotalOtherDamageTaken in the IPlayer.Statistics.
* Fixed the default "My Project" label in the documentation to "Superfighters Deluxe".
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Post by OREO » Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:42 pm

I know that you both continuously say that you will no longer work on the game (outside of small updates). We also understand that you are working on another game, and prefer to use the time for SFD debugging on that new project. I simply want to give two recommendations before you officially stop adding to the game:

1) Allow bots to use everything in their arsenal (like the ability to throw, and maybe even give them map awareness of explosives, but that might be a stretch)

2) Add the most anticipated weapon (well at least for me):
The grappling hook.

The truth is that although both of you are tired of the game, most players aren’t. All of them individually want another addition to the game whether it be more textures/colors for the maps, new movements/animations for the fighters, new weapons that are in no way similar to guns, new costumes, and so much more.

I’d prefer to say: “I only have one recommendation, to continue investing in SFD, because they’re are no other games similar to it, and you guys have the responsibility to expand on the game idea”, but we can’t force you to have interest in something that you’re over with.

With that said, these are my last two wishes for the game. If it came true (especially the grappling hook one), I’d tell everyone about it. I’m hoping that I’m not the only one who wants this, if that’s the case, you can completely ignore this post.

SFD is still one of my favorite games as of now, but I know that if there was more to look forward too, more people would say the same thing. Nonetheless, thanks for creating this awesome game.
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Post by Mighty Spirit the 2 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:34 pm

OREO wrote:
Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:42 pm
1) Allow bots to use everything in their arsenal (like the ability to throw, and maybe even give them map awareness of explosives, but that might be a stretch)
I agree, i think bots should be improved for a much better singleplayer experience. But in addition to the points above, make the AI really smart - allow bots to learn and mercilessly abuse exploits: Barrel jumping, stunlocks, punch cancels, Superpunch cooldown cancel.... etc. Probably would have to add difficulty level: Insane. This would make them play aggresive like in Superfighters 1, making them almost unstoppable and harder than human opponents. :ugeek:
OREO wrote:
Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:42 pm
2) Add the most anticipated weapon (well at least for me):
The grappling hook.
Couldn't people add this with scripts maybe? Like a modefication of the spider script: (watch redacted from 0:23) But idk cause i've no idea about what script limitations are.
Personally I would rather prefer a rework of the drone into a better weapon. But to each his own, because i think everybody has their own "most anticipated weapon"
But i too understand that it would mean a lot of work.
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