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Status update 2019-08-25

Status updates from MythoLogic Interactive about the game progress.
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Status update 2019-08-25

Post by Gurt » Sun Aug 25, 2019 10:15 pm

Status update 2019-08-25

As some of you may know already we're now gonna focus on smaller updates from now on. The 1.3.1b update was the last major update including a new campaign and other features. We're also slowly shifting focus to other projects. We will work on SFD in parallel but it also means we will spend less time on SFD overall compared to before. It probably means that updates will not come as "frequent" as before and contain less new content. I will also reduce the frequency posting these status updates to maybe once or twice a month. I will keep monitoring this forum but I will not do it every day as before. This will allow me to spend more time focusing on new projects, starting with learning Unity.

We still have more planned features todo in SFD. I will start working on the bots again (planned bot features: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2933) while Hjarpe will tinker with new versus maps and challenges. We're gonna release some bits from time to time when we feel it's ready.

Besides the bots and new maps we're also gonna prepare to release the game to other digital platforms. We have not figured this one out to 100% yet but we will focus on the last planned features, release them on Steam and when we feel that the game is ready then we will start releasing it on other platforms (whichever they may be). With only one platform (Steam right now) it's easy to build, package and upload updates to Steam. Each platform will most likely include their own little ritual to perform when updating the game and it's just extra work we want to minimize so once we SFD becomes available on other platforms we will yet again reduce the update frequency to maybe a few times a year. This might make sense as we won't spend as much time working on SFD as before so updates will naturally be less frequent. As I stated before, we have not figured this one out to 100% yet.

The v.1.3.1 update introduced the final ScriptAPI major features that I have had planned for a long time which I finished during my vacation. You can see working code examples here viewforum.php?f=22. If you want me to create another "Getting started with the ScriptAPI" covering a certain topic how to work with certain things in the API just comment below and I will see if it fits the topic's theme.

If I feel like I have more time to spare for other things (other than developing SFD) I will try to release some more videos of me playing community made challenges and maps. I have some in my backlog I would like to try out some day when I don't feel like I must code on SFD.
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Post by DarkSharingan21 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 1:34 am

This is truly disheartening. Thank you and everyone else involved in the making of SFD, it's really one of those games that I can play no matter my mood.
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