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Status Update 2018-07-02 (Beta)

Status updates from MythoLogic Interactive about the game progress.
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Re: Status Update 2018-07-02 (Beta)

Post by TheBlackshot » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:38 pm

am I still welcome here? Jokes aside

I was one of the passionate, competitive souls back in the day. By now I've shifted away before finally managing to get some enjoyable maps done at least. Speaking of which, my combative nature pursued certain designs and concepts for those versus maps. Now with the campaign editor and bots I've heard of, I'd like to experiment and find out what adventures I'm able to create, what experiences I could possibly induce for the future of the map making community. Not excluding my own presence in the fights regardless.

If I'm not part of your plans, best of luck to you guys :)
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Post by kennoley » Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:36 pm

Hi, my name is Kennoley
Even though it says I have joined sometime in 2016, I have been playing Superfighters games all the way back when the first version of superfighters was released on Newgrounds and Id just like to take a moment and congratulate you guys on how far yall came :D

I play this game almost every day, and I can contribute to the beta testing by:
1.) playing the hell out of the beta
2.) reporting any bugs or glitches
3.) offering suggestions on how to fix said bugs or for the game as a whole
4.) offering any more help needed through out the beta testing

Id love to contribute as much as I can to the beta testing process, and ultimately improve on the Superfighters Deluxe experience overall.

Thanks, and good luck!
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