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Status update 2018-01-13

Status updates from MythoLogic Interactive about the game progress.
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Status update 2018-01-13

Post by Gurt » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:00 pm

In the previously status update I wrote that I was gonna test JoyToKey and see how well SFD plays with a controller. I skipped that and jumped straight into implementing support for gamepads by using parts of the Nuclex.Input library. Once the gamepad support is implemented then I will test SFD using gamepads and see from there what needs to be tweaked.

The good thing with Nuclex.Input library is that it support any Direct Input compatible device - and not only XBox controllers. So if you have some gamepads laying around you will be able to use them in the finished game.

I happened to have a very old Impact "12-button dual analog pad" laying around that I can use during development for direct input devices other than my XBox 360 wireless PC controller. So I can test using 2 gamepads at the same time. Lucky (or unlucky) for me this Impact dual analog pad has seen better days and the left analog stick is glitchy (due to many years of usage). It reports back faulty input in all directions when moving the stick just so slightly - something I noticed now during development and something I call "Ghost Input". I have noticed before that the left stick is bad on this controller but I never suspected it being this bad! No wonder I never use it anymore.

If "ghost input" is a common problem with older gamepads in general some sort of filtering against it would be good in SFD. So I took this as a little challenge and implemented a simple algorithm to filter unwanted noise signals from sticks which can be enabled via the config.ini file for each individual gamepad. By default this is deactivated as the solution is to basically register stick movement input for X frames before determining that the input is correct as the nature of the ghost inputs are for a few milliseconds - so registering stick movement for X frames prevents the majority of ghost inputs.
The positive aspect by enabling this is that glitchy sticks appear to be functional as intended. The negative aspect is that stick input will be delayed before triggering actions. By default we assume that everyone use 100 % functionall controllers - that's why this option is deactivated by default and will only be possible to activate via config.ini modifications. Don't use broken controllers :)

There's still a bit more coding to do for gamepad support in SFD but we're getting there.

We won't be posting a status update next week as the whole week will go to work related business in Spain (our daily jobs) which leaves little to no time for SFD. But the week after that I hope we have finished the gamepad support. :D
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Post by Shark » Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:31 pm

Gurt wrote:
Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:00 pm
I was gonna test JoyToKey and see how well SFD plays with a controller
No is good, I set up a control, swapping its buttons to keyboard keys, is a big shit, the movement is good but the aim,shoot, attack, grab is very poor... Good luck, if get good I'll just i'll happier to bought the best game ever :D
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