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Read before posting a custom server topic

Here you can post a topic about your SFD Server if you host regularly. Include some short description, time when running, rules, mods, maps, scripts etc.
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Read before posting a custom server topic

Post by Gurt » Tue Apr 19, 2016 6:33 pm

This forum is to cover any SFD custom server you may be hosting from time to time.

Provide detailed information about your server's name, location and timezone.
For other players to actually be able to join your server at the correct times you should include some sort of hint when you plan to run your sever - it doesn't have to be exact times but roughly which days and hours of the day you usually host.
As time differest across the globe use GMT times.

List any rules, maps, mods, scripts you run in your map that you think is worth mentioning.

Topics will be auto pruned if left untouched after 30 days.
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