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Blurry's Survival (Weekly Highscores)

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Blurry's Survival (Weekly Highscores)

Post by Blurry » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:05 pm

Server name: Blurry's Survival: 52234
Hosting the server in Sweden around the clock (when I don't need my laptop).
Maps: Survival (currently only Zombie Nightmare).
Using scripts to keep track on weekly highscores on the server.

As time goes on I will update the daily highscores.

These are the weekly highscores since 2017 week 49.*

2017 week 49 Highscore: 43840 by MaFiosI, New Player
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*You can only see the daily highscore in the chat since the server started. Final daily highscore is extracted from the chat logs for the entire day.
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