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Equipping a Weapon Overrides and Disables Auto-Sheathe

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Equipping a Weapon Overrides and Disables Auto-Sheathe

Post by Wozenbelt » Fri Aug 05, 2016 1:54 pm

The title might not make things too clear.
When you fire a gun, you can't sheathe until there's a pause in your burst. With slower guns like the carbine or pistol, you can sheathe in between shots. With faster automatic weapons like the Uzi or M60, you can't sheathe while you're still firing. Instead, your sheathe is queued until you run out of ammo or let go of the shoot button. The same thing is true for equipping weapons while firing. That's fine.

If you try to equip any weapon after or before you queue sheathe, you won't be able to queue sheathe at all. You will definitely draw the weapon you wanted to equip. If that weapon was the same as the one you were firing, you won't draw it again, of course, but you still won't be able to queue sheathe. I feel like this is a bug.

Discovered in Pre-Alpha 1.9.4
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