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falling body still has the tendency to grab ledge?

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Tom Th3 Assasin
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falling body still has the tendency to grab ledge?

Post by Tom Th3 Assasin » Tue Aug 28, 2018 4:12 pm

falling body with fleeing arms still grab ledges?i think this is a delay or high latency factor's causing this bug,in game performance issue which caused it or a server side performance issue.i dont know for sure

Worse than above this even occurs in solo-zombienightmare run where just you against horde of zombies,a dead zombie falling from a vertical distance attached itself to a ledge somehow and keep hitting itself against it constantly,as if hes trying to grab it but the falling motion stopping him.

in another situation where you play,even in a 100 ping in falling state if hit against a ledge somehow this resets you in the ledge-grab state.(just how you hold the ledge normally)
Sorry,i could not able to pull of an illustration or video gif.
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