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Possible to check if IObject is damaged?

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Possible to check if IObject is damaged?

Post by Ol1vver » Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:47 pm

I am making a boss fight with a giant ragdoll made out of DeadMeat. I need a script that whenever the object "Head1" gets hit, a ScriptTrigger named "BlockBullets" gets activated.
Is that possible?
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Post by JakSparro98 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 12:29 am

This is what you asked for:

Code: Select all

Events.UpdateCallback m_updateEvent = null;
float m_totalElapsed = 0f;

IObject HitTarget;
IObjectTrigger Trigger;
float StoredHealth = 0;

public void OnStartup() {

 Trigger = (IObjectTrigger) Game.GetSingleObjectByCustomID("BlockBullets");
 HitTarget = (IObject) Game.GetSingleObjectByCustomID("Head1");
 StoredHealth = HitTarget.GetHealth();

 m_updateEvent = Events.UpdateCallback.Start(OnUpdate, 0);
public void OnUpdate(float elapsed) {

 if (StoredHealth != HitTarget.GetHealth()) {
  StoredHealth = HitTarget.GetHealth();

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