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|SH|-Sterben Hunters

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|SH|-Sterben Hunters

Post by Diego12 » Sat Nov 23, 2019 3:30 pm

Image Concept:

Good for people who are reading this post simply | SH | It was created with the intention of ending the Toxics
of the SFD game, so that there are no discrimination or problems
social so that people enjoy the game, leaving aside the purpose of the clan I will list the members of the clan.










Captain of Death


(The colors are to differentiate the members of the Leaders)


Here people are recruited every period of time, we clearly do not have an estimated date for recruitments and they open 4

Clan Wars are also organized in order to test the ability of our members.
To be a member of SH, 2 Important Things will be taken into account:
1. Skill: It is required when a clan member has to fulfill his role as Sterben Hunter.
2. Keep Calm: Required so that our members do not rush to insult people and players.
To expel a Member we have to receive 3 complaints from members otherwise you will receive a slight warning
(This when it is only 1 complaint).
Any player who wants to join the clan and has already passed the recruitment date will have to obtain information
contacting a leader.

The test consists of 2 phases:
1. Skill: He will have to win 8/15 games, the opponent will be a leader and if he wins the 8 games he approves the first phase.
2. Mental Test: In this test the candidate will be asked to make a mental challenge in order to see his creativity and Intellect.

To make it easier for the person to join SH you will have to join the SH server in Discord where you can easily
Contact a leader and request the test, otherwise you will have to find a leader in the game and request it.

And as a last thing, The Most Wanted Board will open soon.
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Post by KurshiiMang » Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:59 pm

Drop the discord server real quickly, nice and easy
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Vitamin E lets you beat him to a sliver of health and then kills you

Also SuecoTheChild is a good rapper

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