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Here is for you my maps :3

Share custom maps and discuss them here! If you have questions related to the map editor bring it up in the Superfighters Deluxe Map Editor section.
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Title: #BR gosto de pastel
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Here is for you my maps :3

Post by Choose_NameHere » Mon Oct 29, 2018 3:01 am

Well, I've been making maps for a while already and during all this time I learned several things about the map editor, among them the decoration, the dynamics, the gameplay and among others, so I decided to post here for you all my best maps ever made and believe me when I say 4/5 of the maps have no script. Just to state, I've never posted any maps here before then the map links will not lead directly to the download. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tranquility-Wingman = ... .sfdm/file

Pump-Action Act 1 = ... .sfdm/file

Pump-Action Act 2 = ... .sfdm/file

Plata o Plomo = ... .sfdm/file

Irmãos de Guerra(IdG) = ... .sfdm/file

Bunker Remake = ... .sfdm/file

Altered Pool = ... .sfdm/file

Atlas Mansion = ... .sfdm/file

Atack on the suburb = ... .sfdm/file

Nevasca(Blizzard) = ... .sfdm/file

O açougueiro(The butcher) = ... .sfdm/file

Okay, now I'm going to send some original models of mine

Corpo Esfolado(Skinned Body) = ... .sfdm/file

Minha Churrasqueira(My Barbecue) = ... .sfdm/file

I bring an update!?!?

My new ''official'' map, yes I did a challenge of how I would make an official map and I used some official maps as a base, among them: Trainyard, East Warehouse. I took it more than a week to finish it and now I show it he to you. His name is in honor of the clan I am at the moment!

Gangue Mercenaria (GM) = ... .sfdm/file
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Post by RickAvory » Mon Oct 29, 2018 3:43 am

Congrats on Bosonaro winning you Brazilian demi-god. Cant wait to check out these maps
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