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Joker's Maps : Season 2

Share custom maps and discuss them here! If you have questions related to the map editor bring it up in the Superfighters Deluxe Map Editor section.
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Joker's Maps : Season 2

Post by The_JOKER » Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:15 am

As I started playing SFD again, The Scripts was changed, some of my maps made before was BROKE!
And Now, I'm Trying to make my maps look better!
and It's start of Joker's Maps : Season 2!

From now on, The maps made by me will be uploaded here. With better Visuals!

ex) Counter Terrorists

before: ... 984470.jpg

after: ... e85319.jpg

Released Season 2 Maps!

- Coast Guard - (v1.1.1)
SFDMaps: ... 7-1-0-2292
Screenshot: ... 742d3f.jpg

-Counter Terrorists- (v2.1.1)
SFDMaps: ... 8-1-0-2190
MediaFire: ... rists.sfdm
Screenshot: ... e85319.jpg

-Prison Break- (v1.1.1)
SFDMaps: ... 6-1-0-2985
MediaFire: ... Break.sfdm
Screenshot: ... 91e7a3.jpg

-D-Day & D-Day Defence-
SFDMaps: ... 8-1-0-3173
MediaFire: ...
Screenshot: ... e96eb6.png

-Harbor (Melee)- (1.0.1)
SFDMaps: (deleted)
I'll try to upload them when I update this to v2.0
MediaFire: ... arbor.sfdm
Screenshot: ... 463353.png

-JOKER Training Center-
SFDMaps: ... 4-1-0-4038
MediaFire: ... ining.sfdm
Screenshot: ... 2bf972.png

-Counter Terrorists 2-
SFDMaps: Pending moderator approval
Mediafire: ... s%202.sfdm

Season 2 Maps Coming soon!

Maps On Beta Test (Playable on "JOKER's Game" Server)
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Post by GreenyShark » Wed Aug 16, 2017 4:40 am

Love the edits. Looks more like SFD. Keep up the good work.:)
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