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Port Forwarding

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Port Forwarding

Post by Gurt » Wed Mar 02, 2016 7:35 pm

The automatic port forwarding in SFD tries to automatically set up a temporarily port forwarding (not all routers support this and UPnP must be enabled). If you have set up port forwarding manually the automatic port forwarding will most certainly fail because it's already set up (it can't be set up again). If you have set it up manually then disable automatic port forwarding in SFD as you don't need it.

Even if you have set up everything correct anyone trying to join you must also set up their port forwarding correct too! And even if you both have set up port forwarding something along the way (over the "internet") may not be set up to allow for the required communication. Maybe you're behind a NAT-box. Maybe there's a firewall somewhere blocking the communication (have you checked your own firewall if you have any?). Maybe some anti-virus is blocking communication for SFD on the required port. Do your ISP block the port SFD uses? This is a problem a few have and we can't solve it.

Port-forwarding will be required for the time being - and you must set it up correctly.

SFD uses port 52233 UDP/TCP.

And after all that it still might not work because something along the way won't allow it. Maybe there's a router with an old routing-table or something.
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